SK Kotter Cabrio

Stylish and sportive

Would you like to sail on the open waters and still have comfort on board which is essential for a longer stay? Then the SK Sport is just the ship you are after. The SK Sport does not have a salon. However, it does have…

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… a big open hull, which can easily be covered with the sunshine roof. Moreover, on board you will find sufficient space inside. On the lower level in the cockpit the owner’s cabin, the bathroom, the toilet, the dining corner and the galley offer plenty of space for a pleasant stay on board, also for longer holiday cruises.

The SK Sport is particularly suitable for those who like being outdoors. On board of this stylish ship you are always one with the world around you.

Furthermore, this ship really is a sight to see. Not only does the steering wheel cabin in the teak hull contribute to the sportive look of the ship, once you own an SK Sport you will undoubtedly enjoy the characteristic sturdiness and high-quality finish of an SK motor yacht.

Those types which are at least 12.5 metres long can be equipped with a guests cabin underneath a platform in the floor of the salon. This is optional.

Arrangements SK Kotter 1050 - 1150 - 1250 Cabrio


SK Kotter 1050 Cabrio


SK Kotter 1150 Cabrio


SK Kotter 1250 Cabrio

A guests cabin underneath a platform in the floor of the salon